I just Love it. I found my new favorite perfume. Gave one as a gift and got one for me. Now I want the other three.
Lori B.

Fruite by Florencia Collection Life is Beautiful
Fruite by Florencia Collection Life is Beautiful is the best summer fragrance. It is a new one, launched by Florencia in February 2013. Light, delicate and dazzling. I wear it daily. Getting compliments every day.

This is a beautiful fragrance. It’s not overpowering, very fresh and feminine. It is just slightly floral but very subtle. Love it, especially for Spring.

Fantastic, the perfect gift., Bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. What a surprise, to not only find the perfect gift, but that it was such a success. Her friends all want to know where she got it. I feel like I should be keeping a secret. Oh, and she smells great in this perfume. Its amazing how it takes on a personality that fits her perfectly. Another amazing thing is that her friends try it on and while they do love it, it smells completely different on them, than on my girlfriend. Its like magic. They all want to wear her perfume. LOL. I am a hero.

My new favorite scents! Too bad you can’t smell over the internet! Definitely worth trying on! I’m very picky about using perfumes, but these I love!
Tara W.